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  Private tours in the Rijksmusem, the other Amsterdam museums and the Royal Palace on Damsquare.

                MartinRibbens your guide to Amsterdam

A private tour in the "the Rijksmuseum", a tour of 2 hours into the 17th Century, Golden Age of Holland with the wonderful paintings of Rembrandt van Riijn, Vermeer and Frans Hals and all the others wonderful painting to be seen here. Or take a guided tour in the van Gogh museum and let me tell you about the live of Vincent according his letters to his broher Theo and others. Guided tours in the Amsterdam Hermitage, the Rembrand house or into the Royal Palace on the Dam square, the former townhall of Amsterdam. See for the museums here below.


Book a private guided museum tour with MartinRibbens. For the tours there is a mximum of of 10persons  depending on the museum rouls.

 the "Rijksmuseum"               Van Gogh museum                  Royal Palace              Rembrandt house


     Resistance Musum  Amsterdam Museum  Bible museum    Hermiage Amsterdam                 the Sloten windmill 

en nog enkele andere musea in Amsterdam. Wensen? Stuur een mailje of bel me.

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