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On Sat. March 20th 2010 Pierre and Sunette made a tour around Amsterdam with me. We started with coffee in the Pastry-baker Miltenburg with gevulde koeken.


Afterwards we drove along modern architecture in the west part of Amsterdam called "Osdorp".


After this we went to the Sloten Windmill, where I told you everything about the drymaking of Holland done by windmills and the fight against the sea in a land under sealavel.

We made a tour in the mill on the balcony and wear Dutch wooden shoes we name  "klompen".

As the Sloten windmill was in renovation and did not have wings we stopt near the village of Santpoort to see the windmill there wtih sails to get more power and to go to the ruin of Castle Brederode afterwords.


After this (without coffee) we sent to the habour of Amsterdam the city IJmuiden where we had fish with chips.

Before we went to see the sea and afterwards we drove over the locks to the sea

After this we went to the north where in due time the tulips should grow (but you have sean the Keukenhof the day before and wanted to take the ferry over the canal. No flowers, coffee, no ferry which was out of order, nice tour guide you had.

I'm still sad we could nog pass the canal by "het pondje".


But finally we came in the "polder" the former lakes of Holland with straight routes and poldermills to keep the polders dry.

The promise for another coffe was fullfilled in the small village "Driehuizen"

In café "de Vriendschap" where besides the coffee with "1 koekje" you had appelpie, from tables with a "kleedje".

Finally we went to the small village "de Rijp" a former fischer town (now in the middle of the land) as could be seen from the shield with 2 harings a fish we still like very much in Holland. Later they even fished on wales for oil..


From here we went back to Amsterdam.

I hope you like this tour the same way I like to tour with you both. Thank you very much for the interest in my country and hope I  told you what you want to know. If you still like to know something please mail me..


I hope will see you again. If you want to know something please mail of phone me.

                Good Beye, tot ziens MartinRibbens.           



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